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Microsat Systems Canada Inc pleased to announce that our co-authored paper “NEOSSat Recovery Following Magnetometer and Torque Rod Failure”, has been selected by the SpaceOps 2018 Conference Topic chairs as one of the best papers

Mississauga Ontario, Canada – May 31, 2018 – Microsat Systems Canada Inc. (MSCI) is pleased to receive notification that our co-authored paper, entitled "NEOSSat Recovery Following Magnetometer and Torque Rod Failure", has been selected by the SpaceOps 2018 Conference Topic chairs as one of the best papers in the conference.

The paper covers the successes of MSCI and its partners including the Canadian Space Agency's Operations Team in overcoming two hardware failures that had been experienced by NEOSSat, after the required mission duration had already been achieved, to further extend the useful life of the spacecraft and the mission.

This was accomplished by using the GPS antennae as an alternative 2-axis attitude sensor and resolving the third axis with the sun vector, and by employing an existing residual dipole for reaction wheel desaturation.

The paper will be included in the post conference book scheduled to be published by Springer Publications in the spring of 2019.

About MSCI
Microsat Systems Canada Inc (“MSCI”) is the global leader in the provision of Reaction Wheels to microsatellite programs for military, commercial, and scientific purposes. With an impeccable on-orbit track record, sales of hundreds of Reaction Wheels, and flight heritage of greater than 250 years, MSCI continues to attract new and repeat customers throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. MSCI, prime contractor to the Canadian Space Agency for the MOST and NEOSSat satellites, now owns and operates MOST and continues to apply variants of the NEOSSat Multi-Mission Bus for a variety of enhanced applications. MSCI is a privately owned corporation.

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The MOST microsatellite's outstanding flight heritage — remaining in orbit four years longer than expected and still going strong — has surpassed all expectations without indication of deterioration. MOST’s longevity has resulted in a prodigious amount of research
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We are proud of our outstanding flight heritage that continues to exceed all expectations. It is a testament to the quality of the minds at MSCI and to the excellence of their creations.
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